Tianxin Cationic Softener Flake

Tianxin Cationic Softener Flake

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Tianxin cationic softener flake


  • Quaternary ammonium salt flake component
  • Light yellow appearance
  • Appears milky white dense stuff when soluble in water
  • PH value pf 4.0-6.0


  • It feels fiber soft and smooth on touch. It has excellent wrinkle resistance properties and prevents the processing of material tensile strength.
  • Due to long term storage and heat, it will not smell and discolor.
  • It is widely used as a synthetic softener.
  • Just like cationic softener, it gives the effect to woolly-nylon and nitrile touch for polypropylene.

Suggestion: It must be dissolved at the time of use. When not in use, it must be sealed for storage.


30 °C -45 °C padding in general conditions or soaking for 15-30 minutes, dring of 80 °C -100 °C. The advised recipe of density for passing or soaking is 1g - l-5g / L. 100g-500g is used for the washing treatment of 100kg fabric.

Package: 25kg Woven bag

Storage:  it must be kept in a water proof, cool area with temperature not more than 35 degrees Celsius.